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Membership Information

We offer a membership to suit you:

Active Membership: for any individual who is employed by an animal shelter or municipal animal services operating in Ontario.  (Annual fee $100.00) 

Supporting Membership:  for any individual who is employed by a government agency, business or association that interacts with an animal shelter in Ontario OR employed by an animal shelter or municipal animal services outside of Ontario (i.e. someone who operates an animal welfare organization, but doesn't have a bricks and mortar shelter) (Annual fee $75.00)

Alumnus Membership: for any individual who is retired from the animal, care, control and welfare field however not necessarily retired entirely. (Annual Fee $25.00)

AASAO Annual Memberships are valid from September 1 – August 31st of each year.

Membership Includes:

  • Access to the AASAO newsletter; a regular publication with information and articles on relevant issues and topics that affect the animal care, control and welfare fields

  • Access to the members section of our website and Facebook group

  • Copies of brochures, guidelines and manuals, developed by the AASAO

  • The ability to easily network with other professionals in the industry

  • Reduced registration fees at AASAO conferences and workshops (will vary depending on membership type)

  • At least one free webinar per year

  • New members who work in an organization with at least one existing member will get a 50% discount on their membership fee in the first year

  • AASAO members receive 50% off the annual rate of membership to                                        (formerly SAWA)

If this sounds good to you, we encourage you to get involved!

Online Registration:

NOTE - Complete Step One if you are a new member or if you are already a member, but your details have changed. If you are renewing your membership and your details are the same, skip Step One and go directly to Step Two. 

STEP 1- Complete the Online Membership Application First

STEP 2- Once you have completed and submitted your online form, pay online for your Membership by selecting the appropriate link below. If your organization has at least one current member, you can add a new member at 50% off the fee for the first year:




By Mail:

Please download the Membership Form and mail the completed form to:

1375 Provincial Rd
Windsor, ON    

N8W 5V8

Please note - If your organization has at least one current member and is adding a new member, use the appropriate option for the new member only:
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