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The Municipal Law Enforcement Officers’ Association is a non-profit professional Association representing Municipal Law Enforcement Officers throughout the Province of Ontario.  This site provides municipal law enforcement officers with a unique set of online tools and resources that will help in their daily lives.

Humane Canada (formerly the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies) is a charitable organization made up of individual humane societies and SPCAs (Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) across Canada.  The web site includes information about a variety of Canadian animal welfare issues, as well as online resources for CHFS members.

The Toronto Academy of Veterinary Medicine (TAVM) exists to assist all veterinary professionals in gaining access to exceptional continuing education experiences. Their goal is to act as a gateway to help veterinarian professionals continue their education, grow professionally, and create an opportunity to network and collaborate successfully with professionals through out the industry.  When registering for TAVM lectures indicate that you’re an AASAO member to receive a discounted rate!

The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement (formerly SAWA): our members benefit from targeted education and professional certification. SAWA offers a Certified Animal Welfare Administrators certification program for shelter professionals.  The web site includes a variety of valuable members-only resources, as well as information about upcoming conferences.

ASPCApro provides training, research and resources to help animal welfare professionals save more lives.  The site includes a wide range of information about sheltering, including information on the Meet Your Match adoption program.  An archive of webinars on a variety of topics of interest to shelter professionals.

Animal Sheltering magazine is a must-read for shelter professionals.  Archived issues, as well as information about the annual Animal Care Expo and a range of shelter resources are available on the web site. includes helpful information for shelters caring for and adopting out pet rabbits.

Shelter Health Pro is an online resources that provides information about infection and disease control as well as environmental needs and behavioural health.  The site links to resources from a variety of shelter professionals and researchers.

Maddie's Fund University offers self-paced courses, instructor-led courses, on-demand presentations and live presentations.

HSUS Humane Pro is an online resource that offers information on HSUS programs, Tools and Resources, Trainings and Events.

Best Friends Animal Society offers online training and resources

Humane Animal Support Services is an online resource that offers toolkits, job-alikes meetings (provides an opportunity for professionals in similar positions to share their experiences and perspectives on issues and best-practices), working groups and training.

Heartsspeak is a non-profit organization that provides free marketing and communications resources for shelters.

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